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Thursday, March 4, 2010


nega·tive (neg′ə tiv)


1. containing, expressing, or implying a denial or refusal; that says “no” a negative reply
2. opposite to something regarded as positive
3. Biol. directed away from the source of a stimulus negative tropism
4. ☆ Elec.
1. of, generating, or charged with negative electricity
2. having an excess of electrons

5. Math. designating a quantity less than zero, or one to be subtracted; minus quantity
7. Med. not having or not demonstrating, showing, or proving the presence or existence of a condition, infection, symptoms, bacteria, etc. a patient who is negative for TB; the X-rays were negative
Wow... quite a definition, huh? Where to begin? I'm positive that I'm not negative. :) It's my nature to see the silver lining, the cup is always half full. I believe that you get what you ask for in life; what you worry about becomes what IS. As such, the more positive you can be, the more positive your life will be. Smile!


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