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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Machia·vel·lian (mak′ē ə vel′ē ən, mäk′-; -vel′yən)

1. of Machiavelli
2. of, like, or characterized by the political principles and methods of expediency, craftiness, and duplicity set forth in Machiavelli's book, The Prince; crafty, deceitful, etc.
3. someone of extreme political views
Oh, I'm crafty all right, but more in a let's-make-our-own-wedding-invitations kind of way than a manipulates-others-for-my-own-gain sort of way... :) I discovered that Machiavelli himself was not necessarily machiavellian, either, but that the word comes from the ruling principles set forth in his book, The Prince, which several historians now think was written as a satire. Who knew? Regardless, I'm neither devious (most of the time) nor do I have extreme political views (most of the time). :)


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